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Gaurav Tiwari
I am Gaurav Tiwari. . Triathlete, Data Nerd, Sometime writes about things to pacify inner conscience

So I did it! I took the plunge and set aside all my fears and self doubt to put up my freelancing website out to the world.

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This was not easy. I have struggled at times with telling people of what I am good at or what can I do easily that I see many people struggle with. So when I decided to make the move and start reaching out to people or friends or connections, it felt weird to do that.

But nevertheless, I put my brave face on and move on fully expecting rejections to my cold…

A summary of what I have observed living outside India for the last 8 years

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The concept of personal space in queues or in public settings.

We Indians are a close bunch, we love being in each other’s business, gossiping about it and giving advice and our self-declared expertise to anyone on literally anything. While all that sounds normal in other places, just try and see if you can give people their personal space when either talking to them, sitting next to them, or standing next to them. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this point from people across the world about how close we are standing next to each other in immigration queues or the long lines to get into clubs.

And why we need more inclusivity in making such decisions

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In 2013, I emigrated to Singapore from India in search of better job prospects, higher salaries, and a better lifestyle.

6 years and 4 countries later, I find myself working and living a life that I am happy and content with. Of course, the house could have been bigger, I could have saved more, but that's like the story of everybody’s life.

What I never realised until now was how, in between the annoying visa formalities and ex-pat tax, life was a much better and calmer elixir than I had before 2014. …

And how it all links together to COVID-19

Google Trends is an interesting platform where you can look for keywords that people search. You can see a trend on how many searches were made on the respective keyword on a normalised scale of 0 –100 over time. So, here is a list of quirky search terms that I found trending on the web:

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Dalgona Coffee

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I am not the one for being long-winded when it comes to expressing emotions and concerns by writing essays. But I feel this is something that a lot of us need to hear today and practice if we want to come out of this sane and alive.

We are faced today with a very different and difficult time, but it’s not the first for us. We have been through wars, economic crisis, great depression and many more. We have seen it all and we have come out of it stronger than we have ever before.

Resiliency — I guess is…

And how to crush it like you always do!

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Summer of 2018, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of chickenpox virus and forced me to self isolate. Although not dangerous/deadly, individuals who are not vaccinated stand at a higher chance of getting affected than vaccinated ones.

Assuming this segment includes new born babies and some of those who are against vaccination, I decided to spend 1.5 months of forced isolation and remote working in my house sacrificing the fine Berlin summer. Following is a note I wrote at that time and I feel is very relevant today given everyone is inclining towards working from home.

Sleep Early

Book Review of

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


6 strategies to not just survive but actually excel in this environment

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Let’s be real, working at a startup is amazing. From free food /snacks / breakfast to unlimited beers, coffees, juices and what not. From ergonomic chairs / bring your dog to work day / remote working to the glittery office parties. From state of the art of tech equipments( if you consider Macbook as that) to a flatter hierarchical structures. It’s all like living a dream. You see the impact of what you do and have a direct and quick reciprocation of communication from the senior executives.

However, when it comes to actually working at one, there are a few…

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I have been meaning to write this down for sometime but what better time could it be than now when I am suffering from it.

Writing this while having a crepe bandage wrapped around my right leg, it reaffirms the fact how us, the so called “Amateur Athletes” sometimes ignore the fact that getting fit is just like running a marathon and not a 400m sprint race. Sometimes, we should leave these crazy off-season fitness build up to the pros.

Often, in our day to day experience, we come across people saying you should follow you dreams, do what gives you happiness and not what the society expects from you. Steve Jobs said in a commencement speech.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

In other words, Follow your passion. But is the meaning of life really that simple? Is that the answer to all your problems? Is that going to solve the situation that you are in now?

Maybe yes, most probably not!

Gaurav Tiwari

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